There are three basic requirements for eligibility for child care sickness benefit:

  • Maintaining an active insurance status,
  • The person who is unable to work is liable to pay social security contributions,
  • Incapacity for work diagnosed and certified by a doctor.

The duration of the child care sickness benefit primarily depends on the age of the sick child and whether the parent is raising the child alone or not. Each parent in a shared household can individually qualify for child care sickness benefit for a child living in their joint household.

Child's Age


for each parent individually

for single parent

Younger than 1 year

Up to the child's first birthday (maximum of 1 year)

1 year or older but younger than 3 years



3 years or older but younger than 6 years



6 years or older but younger than 12 years



12 years or older but younger than 18 years

Discretionary sickness benefit only.

The amount of child care sickness benefit is determined as 60% of the parent's daily base income, and during inpatient hospital care, it is 50% of this amount. However, the daily benefit cannot exceed one thirtieth of double the minimum wage, which in 2024 amounts to gross HUF 17,787 per day.