Every married couple where the wife is between 18 and 30 is eligible for an interest-free, general purpose loan of EUR 29,000 (HUF 11 million), which can be requested at commercial banks. At the same time, a 1-year transitional period will also remain for married couples where the wife is between 18-41 years old and if she is at least 12 weeks pregnant, until December 31, 2024. The amount of the monthly instalment of the loan may not exceed EUR 130 (HUF 51 thousand) and it is to be repaid within 5-20 years.

If at least one child is born or adopted during the first five years after the loan-application, the scheme remains interest-free during the entire term and repayment is suspended for three years. After the birth or adoption of the second child, the repayment is suspended for another 3 years, and 30% of the outstanding principal is written off. Following the birth/adoption of the third child, the remaining debt is entirely cancelled. The loan is guaranteed by the state.