Taking into account the unity of the Hungarian nation, from January 1, 2018, two forms of family support benefits in Hungary have become accessible – upon request – to Hungarians living outside the administrative borders of Hungary. These two forms of support include maternity support and the youth start-up support, along with the associated Baby bond.

Maternity Support

You can apply for maternity support for a child of Hungarian origin regardless of the nationality of the biological mother of the child, and it can also be claimed by adoptive parents or guardians.


  • Registration of the foreign birth of a child with Hungarian citizenship in the Hungarian registry;
  • Issuance of a "Hungarian Certificate" for children living in Slovakia;
  • For adoptive parents, an additional condition is that adoption must be legally approved, and the child must have been continuously cared for in their own household for up to one year before final approval;
  • For guardians, an additional condition is that the child must be placed under their care within six months of birth based on a final court decision.

Maternity support is a one-time benefit, with an amount of 64,125 HUF per child, or 85,500 HUF in the case of twins.

Youth start-up support

Eligibility for the start-up support includes:

  • Children born after June 30, 2017, with Hungarian citizenship registered in Hungary but residing outside its territory; and
  • Children born after June 30, 2017, residing in Slovakia without Hungarian citizenship but possessing a "Hungarian Certificate" issued under the law on Hungarians living in neighboring states.

Currently, start-up support is a one-time benefit of 42,500 HUF deposited into a start-up savings account opened by the Hungarian State Treasury for the child. The amount deposited in the account is annually increased by the Hungarian State Treasury with an interest rate equal to the annual average consumer price index inflation rate. The accumulated savings can be managed by the child upon reaching 18 years of age. The balance recorded in the start-up savings account can be increased by opening a Start Account.