Non-refundable state support for families raising or planning to have children which can be applied for in a preferred small settlement with a population of less than 5,000, as well as at farms, for the construction or purchase of a newly built family house or for the purchase and simultaneous expansion/modernization of a pre-owned residential property or for the expansion and modernization of the family’s residential property.

In the case of one child, the amount of the subsidy is EUR 2,600 (HUF 1 million), for two children it is HUF 4 million and for three or more children it is EUR 38,600 (HUF 15 million).

For the modernization/expansion of an existing home, EUR 1,500 (HUF 600,000) for one child, EUR 5,100 (HUF 2 million) for two children and EUR 19,300 (HUF 7.5 million) for three or more children can be applied for.

In preferred small settlements, a tax refund support of a maximum amount of EUR 12,000 (HUF 5 million) can be requested for newly built apartments, properties built by the owner or for the modernization/expansion of a pre-owned property or the family’s property.

In preferred small settlements, the CSOK Plus Loan can be applied for together with the Rural CSOK non-refundable subsidy (but not together with the Rural CSOK Loan!), and families applying for the CSOK Plus loan do not have to pay the 4% real estate transfer tax regardless of the price of the real estate.