Since January 1, 2020, a foster parent may be eligible for what is known as foster parent child care benefit during the period of their foster parenting employment, provided that they have 365 days of insurance within the two years preceding the commencement of foster care for the child.

Foster parent child care benefit is available from the day the child enters foster care until the child reaches 2 years of age.

The basis of the child care benefit for the fostered child is 55% of the current minimum wage (which in 2024 is HUF 266,800), effective from the first day of eligibility for child care benefit, and the daily rate of child care benefit is 70% of the daily base (in 2024, gross daily HUF 3,423.93). From the gross amount of the benefit, 10% pension contribution and 15% personal income tax advance are deducted.

In addition to foster parent child care benefit, work can be undertaken starting from the 169th day following the child's birth.