Eligibility for family allowance:

The parent, foster parent, guardian, or the person with whom the child has been temporarily placed, and if the child is raised in their own household.

Family allowance is granted from the birth of the child until the child completes studies in a general or vocational educational institution, but no later than the end of the academic year in which the child turns 20 - or 23 in case of special educational needs.

The monthly amount of family allowance is:


2 Parents

1 Parent

For 1 child

12,200 Ft

13,700 Ft

For 2 children

13,300 Ft per child

14,800 Ft per child

For 3 or more children

16,000 Ft per child

17,000 Ft per child

For parents raising a child with a long-term illness or severe disability:

2 Parents

1 Parent

23,300 Ft per child

25,900 Ft per child

For adult children with disabilities:

20,300 Ft per child