It is available to married couples who are planning to have a child and where the wife is under 41 years of age (or until the end of 2025, if the wife is over 41 but at least 12 weeks pregnant).

The amount of the loan depends on the total number of existing and later born children and varies from EUR 38,600 (HUF 15 million) to EUR 128,500 (50 million HUF). Repayments can be suspended for 1 year upon the arrival of the first child, and a EUR 25,700 (HUF 10-10 million) debt relief per child can be applied for upon the arrival of the second and subsequent child/children. This new subsidized loan programme is available for married couples to obtain their first joint home, to move to another home or to enlarge their property.

With the CSOK Plus Loan program, we wish to facilitate the achievement of realistic housing goals, so the acquisition of the first joint home can be supported with up to EUR 190,000 (HUF 80 million) and moving to another property or extension with up to EUR 360,000 (HUF 150 million).