It is granted from the day following the expiration of the infant care benefit (maternity leave) or its equivalent period until the child reaches 2 years of age, or in the case of twins, until the children reach 3 years of age.

Eligibility for child care benefit:

  • An insured parent raises the child in an own household, and had an insurance for 365 days within the two years preceding the child's birth;
  • A mother or any person who received infant care benefit, but whose insurance relationship was terminated during the entitlement period for the infant care benefit, and who has 365 days of insurance within the two years preceding the child's birth.

The amount of the child care benefit is 70% of the parent's daily income base, but no more than 70% of twice the current minimum wage per month, which is HUF 373,520 gross in 2024.

From the gross amount of the child care benefit, 10% pension contribution and 15% personal income tax advance are deducted. Upon request, the parent can apply for family tax benefits, and mothers under the age of 30 can take the option of personal income tax exemption.

The parent is permitted to engage in employment of any kind and for an unlimited duration while receiving child care benefit, in accordance with the general regulations.

In addition to the above, grandparents and foster parents, as well as students and recent graduates without an insurance relationship, may also be eligible for child care benefit. For more detailed information, click here to read about grandparent’s child care benefit, here for foster parent child care benefit, and here for the degree holder’s child care benefit.