The amount of additional leave after children per parent is:

  • 2 working days per child;
  • 4 working days for 2 children;
  • 7 working days annually for 3 or more children.

Additional leave after children increases by 2 working days per child if the employee's child has a disability.

The employee is entitled to 44 working days of parental leave until the child reaches the age of three, provided that the employment relationship has existed for at least one year. During this period, the employee receives 10% of their absence pay.

Paternity leave

The father is entitled to take ten working days of paternity leave following the birth of his child or the finalization of the adoption decree in case of adoption, by the end of the second month thereafter. This leave can be taken in two installments at the time requested by the father. During the first five working days of paternity leave, the employee is entitled to the full amount of the absence benefit, and from the sixth working day onwards, to forty percent of the amount of the absence benefit.