2019-03-24 10:00:00 Hagyományos tojásfestés és meseszövés Máriakéménden

Katalin Novák: Hungary relies on its domestic resources

Instead of external resources, Hungary relies on domestic ones, the government seeks to support Hungarian people and families – emphasized the Minister of State for Family, Youth and International Affairs in her speech at the Budapest Family Summit. Katalin Novák indicated that to achieve this, the government is introducing a series of measures next year.

For the government, family and children are the most important – stated the Minister of State for Family, Youth and International Affairs. Katalin Novák said during her press conference on the Budapest Family Summit that several measures demonstrate the Cabinet’s commitment since 2010.

As she expressed, in light of the current migration pressure, it is even more important to emphasize the fact that Hungarian childbearing needs to rely on domestic resources. Mentioning the measures instituted so far, she referred to the introduction of the family tax and the establishment of the family support services system.

She declared that by continuing to strengthen all these aspects, 2018 will be the year of families. The budget has already been submitted to the National Assembly, and it contains 2000 billion forints to support families. She added: the aim is to spend 5% of the GDP on families.

She presented the family action plan that was approved by the Cabinet on Wednesday’s cabinet meeting. The details of this plan are:

1. Loan remission

a) Mitigation of student loans: As of 2018, student loan debts shall be suspended or cancelled from the third month of the child’s conception. Out of the 200 thousand people having students loans, 116 thousand are women – it is them, who are concerned by this reduction. After the first child, the debt is suspended; after the second, half of the amount is cancelled and the other half is suspended; after the third child, the whole amount of the remaining debt is cancelled.

b) Large families’ or would be large families’ housing mortgages shall be cancelled. Out of the 854 thousand families paying mortgages, this reduction is concerning those undertaking to have three, four, or more children. From the third month since the child’s conception, one million forints per child will be entered into the credit by the government. (It is important to know that CSOK [Family Housing Allowance Programme] loans are not included here.)

2. Harmonizing work and family

a) In the future, child care fee for students and graduates shall be available for families until the child’s second birthday.

b) A programme to improve day-care centres; the aim is to enable all families to have access to day care. Ten billion forints have been reserved to ensure for all towns and villages (or at least the vicinity of these) to have a day-care centre.

3. “Umbilical cord” programme

a) A maternity allowance of 64,125 forints shall be available for children having Hungarian citizenship but born abroad.

b) Baby bonds and interest rate subsidies (introduced in 2013) shall also cover all Hungarian children born abroad.

4. Organizational support

A demographic decision-preparing cabinet and an institute devoted to this issue shall be created.

The professor’s words have been twistedConcerning psychology professor, Philip George Zimbardo, who, based on an interview, disavows the mentality of the family congress, Katalin Novák said, she talked to the professor emeritus of Stanford University (who gave a delightful speech during the event) in person, and he regretted that his words have been twisted and given another meaning. The Minister of State said, the professor enjoyed participating in the event, where he talked, among others, about the grave consequences of families falling apart. He thanked us for the conference and the organization – added the Minister of State.